KARNABAL Festival is a pioneering contemporary and alternative creative laboratory for performance and social innovations in the Philippines.

It highlights the community of changemakers from the local scene whose works and practices are representative of the alternative wave of art-making in the country, alongside international artists interested in immersing in creative multi-field connectivity and collaboration with Filipino practitioners and communities.

Main Platform

June 2(thu) – 5(sun)

As KARNABAL Festival 2016 focuses on Development, the Main Platform, still highlighting Performance and Social Innovation, supports select local and international artist participants from the previous KARNABAL to continue developing their works and practices, further challenging and exploring performance possibilities in the realms of contemporary and social art, towards another Work-in-Progress showing or Premiere this June.

Karnabal X

June 7(tue) – 11(sat)

A reincarnation of KARNABAL 2013 and 2015’s Open Platform which has already birthed 24 original productions by local artists, Karnabal X is the festival’s laboratory for new works addressing the theme “Encounters in Transitions”. Invited arts practitioners from different backgrounds and communities immerse in a series of pre-festival workshops, guided development and community discussions, towards having a Work-in-Progress showing during the festival.


May 24 (fri) – 26 (sun)

This Platform is a two-week mentorship program and guided performance laboratory for young artists, which aims to create a multi-field approach and shift perspective in solo and collaborative performance-making.

Idea Exchange:
Tok! Tok! Talk!

June 8(wed) – 9(thu)

Mapping the contemporary performance scene, the Idea Exchange Platform looks into the varying practices, processes and perspectives that have been emerging, or active and continuously transforming. Its main offering, Tok! Tok! Talk!, is a two-part conference of informal talks, lectures, panel discussions and roundtable conversations on contemporary social practices and performance, involving arts practitioners and creative leaders from varying fields.


June 1(wed) – 12(sun)

A series of get-together performance gigs patterned after different community functions and co-curated by select artists from different arts communities. This platform hosts performance events aimed at bringing festival artists and audiences together, to confront and challenge how and why we gather in this day and age.

Karnabal Blank Ticket

Karnabal Festival is Blank-Ticketed:

every performance is open to anybody and everybody.
How it works:
Audiences are given Blank-Tickets instead of fixed price tickets. This is a social experiment where we ask audiences to determine the value (ie. cost, price) of the exchange, based on their perceived value (ie. importance) of the performance, while also considering their economic capacity. Socialised! This seeks to develop a deeper relationship between the audience and artist, as they become liable and accountable to each other. This is a beautiful risk all the artists are taking, a risk worth diving into. We aim for genuine audience development and education. We want audiences to be conscious and active stakeholders of artistic and cultural development.
How do we do it?
The Blank Ticket Concept

What is the value of our exchange?

1. Pre-show. DOWNLOAD and PRINT a Blank Ticket
2. Experience the performance.
3. Post-show. We will be given time. Grab a pen. Write an amount on your Blank Ticket, based on your perceived value of the performance AND your economic capacity.
4. Leave a message for the artist if you’d like.
5. Yes!

Maginhawa Map

Ways to commute to Maginhawa:

(From North Edsa)

  1. Ride the bus to Quezon Ave., take the jeepney to Philcoa, and ride the red tricycle to take you to Maginhawa.
  2. Grab a taxi to take you directly to Maginhawa.

Main Venue


Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio
Teatro Papet Museo

64 Mapagkawanggawa Street, Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City

or get a copy of the Karnabal Festival Kit for a quick time guide and directions to the festival.

Here are the highlights from last year’s Karnabal Festival 2015: